Akpol Plus - Producer of Litter Bins

Existing since over 50 years private Company AKPOL PLUS is specialized in metal processing. AKPOL PLUS is a leading POLISH manufacturer of outdoor litter bins. Since it’s established in 1967, we have been focused on developing, designing & producing various bins for public use. Metal litter bins which are manufactured from2 mmgalvanised steel and the polyester powder coated for a long lasting durable finish.

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Our Localization
Akpol Contact
Akpol Plus S.C.
ul. Bukowska 7,
62-060 Stęszew
tel./fax. +48 61 813 42 40
tel./fax. +48 61 813 40 90
tel. kom. +48 604-924-569
e-mail: info@akpolplus.pl
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