How to take care of an urban or park space? It is worth putting on elegant steel benches for parks, squares and urban spaces available from the manufacturer Akpol Plus at attractive prices. A park bench or a steel city bench is not only comfortable seats where you can eat ice cream in peace and rest in the sun, but also solid and safe structures resistant to changing weather conditions. Park benches from our offer are protected against the effects of:

  • sun rays – they do not fade under their influence,
  • moisture – rain and snowfall thanks to the use of perforated stainless steel.

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The strong structure makes the steel city benches difficult to destroy – therefore they are protected against vandal attacks. We offer steel park benches with or without a backrest, which can be used not only in parks and squares, but also at bus stops. Thanks to them, the public space is not only elegant, but at the same time encourages people to spend time outdoors, sightseeing and visiting tourists. Park and street steel benches from the manufacturer Akpol Plus will also work well in sea areas or mountain resorts, and various sizes and rich styling will allow them to be matched to the needs and design of the space.

Steel park and city benches – comfortable and elegant

We recommend steel park benches at competitive prices directly from the manufacturer. As a renowned manufacturer of steel benches, we made sure that the seats we offer are not only comfortable and functional, but also visually attractive. Our steel city benches are distinguished by their original, elegant design. Thanks to this, they are a remarkable decoration of urban space – promenades, squares, parks, areas in front of public institutions, bus and tram stops, etc.

Akpol Plus steel benches – the highest quality of workmanship

The galvanized steel street and park benches from the manufacturer Akpol Plus are available in various versions – with or without a backrest, with wooden elements. In order to diversify the appearance of our seats, we enrich them with cast iron decorations, perfectly matching the park’s greenery. We also manufacture park bins and park benches made of perforated sheet metal, which are extremely durable and resistant to damage.

City and park benches for agglomerations and smaller towns

Galvanized steel park benches will prove themselves in any city, regardless of its size. We invite you to take advantage of our offer from the authorities of voivodeship, county and commune cities as well as people responsible for designing street furniture. The offer of Akpol Plus also includes other elements of street furniture, such as free-standing and suspended street litter bins (also for segregation) and cast iron benches, which perfectly harmonize with the architecture of the Old Town. In the production process, we use the latest technologies and the highest quality materials that guarantee durability for many years. Each steel park bench is painted with a color chosen by the customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us.