Among the free-standing litter bins, concrete bins are worth paying attention to. They are extremely durable and durable. They are not afraid of damage and vandalism. The concrete litter bins available in our offer have a lid and a metal insert. Thanks to this, they are hygienic and easy to empty. Street litter bins from our offer are a combination of functionality and aesthetics!

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The concrete dumpsters we offer come straight from the manufacturer. They are perfect for any point in the city: on the streets, squares and parks. Concrete litter bins will fit into any environment and will allow you to keep it clean. It is an element of urban equipment that you cannot do without. A concrete bin with a metal insert has the additional advantage that emptying them from impurities is extremely simple and quick. Cleaning can become easier with our products. As a producer of street furniture, we make sure that our products meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. This is why we combine high quality with low price. Free-standing litter bins have proven themselves in many urban spaces! We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other offer of our online store,

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  • universal street bins.

Planning a city space is not an easy thing to do, but thanks to our products it becomes much easier! Concrete street bins, which we offer, are a perfect solution that allows you to maintain an aesthetic space and, in addition, blend in perfectly with the surroundings. If you are interested in our city litter bins, please contact us!