We recommend hanging litter bins at the lowest prices. As a renowned producer of street furniture, we make every effort to ensure that our suspended litter bins and park benches combine high quality, durability, attractive design, and an affordable price. Street litter bins are an option to keep urban space clean, regardless of the size of the city. Please contact the authorities of voivodeship, county and commune cities, as well as sea and mountain resorts. The offer includes suspended litter bins and other outdoor litter bins that will fit into the architecture of streets, markets, squares, parks, promenades, old towns and bus stops. It is worth taking advantage of our offer if you value practical and aesthetic solutions!

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A wide selection of hanging litter bins

The suspended park and street litter bins we offer, on the one hand, are distinguished by high resistance to adverse weather conditions, and on the other hand, by their aesthetic design. Thanks to the extraordinary precision of workmanship, they are an attractive decoration of urban spaces such as: streets, parks, promenades, squares, bus stops and old towns. It is worth investing in products from our offer, because it is a guarantee of a good investment and a long time of use. We have extensive experience in the industry, which is why the products we sell are so appreciated and are perfect for everyday situations.

Most of our suspended litter bins from the KACPER series have roofs that protect garbage from rainfall and prevent bulky waste from being placed. Wall-mounted litter bins can be equipped with side or top ashtrays. We also recommend dog poop bins to help dog owners clean up after their pets. These are amenities that make everyday life easier for residents.

Hanging street litter bins attached to the post are emptied by releasing the special latch and turning the container, which is very practical and simple. What’s more, our products are painted with certified powder paints of the best European manufacturers, which guarantees their high resistance to weather conditions.

Elements of street furniture – design a city with Akpol Plus

The manufacturer of street furniture, Akpol Plus, also offers park and street benches, which, in combination with suspended or free-standing litter bins, will create a space friendly for residents and tourists. City benches made of steel or cast iron guarantee resistance to vandalism attacks, as well as to changing weather conditions. We make every effort to ensure that the products from our offer are distinguished by high functionality and aesthetics of workmanship. A well-arranged urban space has a positive effect on the well-being of residents. For this reason, we offer the highest quality elements of street furniture, thanks to which everyday life becomes more pleasant. We cordially invite you to cooperate with us!