Free-standing litter bins are an essential element of the architecture of any city. Their elegant appearance makes them fit perfectly into the surroundings. They help to take care of cleanliness, while being an attractive decorative element. Our offer includes cast-iron, metal and concrete free-standing garbage containers, which will help to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the city and encourage residents and tourists to throw their rubbish into free-standing bins, and not on the street, bicycle path, park alley or lawn. The litter bin will be perfect for various spaces, including parks, promenades, squares, bus stops or seaside promenades. We invite people who design urban space in voivodeship, county, commune and even small towns to cooperate.

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Free-standing street and park bins

Our offer includes free-standing park litter bins and waste segregation bins. The modern design makes each of our city bins fit both in green areas and in other parts of the city. They are perfect not only in busy streets and squares, but also in front of buildings. Our freestanding city bins come in many designs. They can, for example, be open or have a practical canopy, stand on a leg, or form one block. We also offer containers for dog droppings, the presence of which will facilitate cleaning up after your pet. Free-standing street bins from Akpol Plus will be the perfect equipment for any park.

Freestanding litter bins – durable and resistant to damage

The free-standing street trash bins available in the Akpol Plus offer are made of high-quality materials – cast iron, metal, wood – which ensures resistance to weather conditions and vandalism. A free-standing litter bin does not change color under the influence of sunlight, thanks to the galvanized structure it does not rust under the influence of moisture, snowfall and rain. Free-standing city bins with a canopy limit the blowing of rubbish from the container onto the street.

As a manufacturer of street furniture, we make every effort to provide our contractors with street, free-standing litter bins and park benches of the highest quality at an affordable price. The products are powder coated, which guarantees their high resistance to scratching, damage and color fading. We offer park and city benches with or without a backrest, as well as free-standing and hanging litter bins. Please contact us!